At WP Daredevils, we view website creation differently. This is your company, your vision, your dream, and we won’t ever treat it as anything less. We also promise not to throw you to the curb once the site is deployed, because there is so much care needed afterwards. You see, the lifecycle of a website is very unique. It is never “complete”- there are always updates, changes, because it is a living thing (that fortunately doesn’t require food or water).

So why should you trust a Daredevil?

Fully Interactive Development

During site development, you will have direct access to our design team, and can watch the progress all from your client account area. In fact, the entire process is handled through our portal to maximize efficiency and minimize chances of miscommunication.

Competitive Pricing

WP Daredevils strives to provide the best value for your money. We’re not the cheapest, nor are we the most expensive. What we are, is the best value for your money. We include many things our competitors charge extra for.

Powerful Maintenance Programs

We offer 3 maintenance programs- Bronze, Silver, and Gold – tailored to your needs. With Bronze, we provide maintenance on the host of your choice. With Silver, we provide maintenance as well as hosting. With Gold, we even throw in some site content edits. Your choice of service level, at prices you can afford.

Amazing In-House Hosting

We include hosting in our Silver and Gold maintenance packages. In fact, that’s the only way to get hosted on our non-oversold, powerful servers. We run Cloudlinux for maximum stability, and unlike a typical web host that hosts hundreds of accounts (that might hold numerous sites a piece) we only host 25-30 sites per server to provide the most stable hosting experience for your business site. If your site grows enough, we can even place you on your own VPS or Dedicated Server depending on what your site needs and what you want. Need a specific location? Not a problem, we can physically place your site in over 100 datacenters across the globe!

Business Grade Email Services

We make use of powerful spam filters and email servers to ensure you have the best deliverability and maximum online time. We also offer Microsoft Office 365 for a full Office suite and email experience. Experience true business email, today!


SEO Search Engine Optimization

All WP Daredevil sites are optimized for SEO. We also offer powerful SEO campaign services, to propel you to the top of search engines! Having a site is great, but if people can’t find you, then you are still a nobody. We will help you!

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